Heart Brush Cleaner


The Accessory Fix

Powstro Cosmetic Makeup Brush Cleaner Silicone Finger Glove Washing Scrubber Board Cleaning Mat Pad Tool

  • Small and portable, cute heart shape compact size will fit easily in your makeup case.
  • The soft, springy silicone will keep its shape, is gentle on your brushes, last for years, and rinses clean instantly.
  • Cleaning glove makeup washing brush, it's useful to cleaning various makeup brushes, you can slip four fingers inside it, or just hold it from the outside.
  • Three different cleaning areas: a grooved area for larger brushes, a crosshatched area for shorter-bristle brushes, and small nubs for your smallest brushes.
The quickest and most effective way to clean accumulated makeup, oil, dirt, and bacteria off of your makeup brushes, you only need to use a little soap or shampoo to clean your brushes, which prolongs their life.

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